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Terry & Dave Taylor


16 AUGUST 1991 – 21 FEBRUARY 2006

We put our pup down this morning. It wasn't a difficult decision. He was very old and had serious liver/kidney tumors, and other serious health issues. But, it was not easy. This is the first time we have had to put an animal to sleep. Our vet confirmed our suspicions that he had torn his ACL in a fall and had damaged his shoulder after falling on the icy walkway Sunday night. Basically his right side was toast. There was no way a nearly 15-year-old beagle with seriously impaired renal function would be improved through knee/shoulder surgeries. I didn't want him to suffer any longer. Snicks and I sat on a sofa in a quiet room of our Vet's office. He put his head in my lap, the doc gave him an injection, and Our Old Dawg passed away. (DT was in the car. He was a mess.)

Ready to Luau

Snickers lived with us from the time he was eight weeks old until this morning. He came from a good breeder, with all the fancy papers, but he was just too large to be a showdog, so he came to live with us. He grew to a massive size, 2 inches taller than a proper beagle. (Snickers was often referred to as the "Shaquille O'Neal of Beagles".) He was "a nose, with a dog attached". Snickers had visited over 40 states - more than most people - and he had a bed in nearly every room of our house. He had his left ACL repaired, various surgeries, tumors removed and I swear he had his teeth cleaned more often than I did. He slept on our bed as long as he could jump up there.

King of the Castle

Snickers loved kids, especially little boys

Snicker Doodle Dawg was happy riding in my Suburban with his ears flapping out the window and he loved all drive-through windows. He didn't know if it was the bank, fast-food or the gas station and he didn't care - they all gave him a cookie. (He never did understand why he didn't get a biscuit at a drive-up ATM.) And, no matter if we were home or in Kansas - if he saw a FedEx or UPS truck, he headed for it: the drivers carry doggie biscuits! He loved freshly baked bread, and tolerated our cats and our grand dog. He had acres to roam and was only "skunked" four times. Several times, he was in for repairs after messing with raccoons. Eight or ten times he escaped his acreage and stayed away overnight - one time he was away 40 hours! We have no way of knowing where he went or what he did on his adventures. He wasn't talking. When deer or horses crossed into "his" property he valiantly barked at them from the safety of the front porch. The Bionic Beagle, Snickers amazed veterinarians. A fabulous vet in South Carolina could not understand that we kept a Beagle AS A PET IN OUR HOUSE! (Beagles are huntin' dawgs!) Our Beagle would have made the worst hunting dog EVER. He was terrified of gun shots, thunder, lightening - and especially fireworks.

Snickers in the kitchen - ready to help

Snickers needed only two things: food, and to be with me. Luckily, I was usually at home and usually in the kitchen, so he did a good job in choosing me as a person to own. He was fiercely protective of me... until he became deaf... then he just followed me from room to room, afraid to lose sight of his precious charge. As my Father-in-Law always said: Snickers is a good dog.

Snickers "sharing" his bed with Reese

No one could ever ask for a better hound. He was the friendliest dog in the world and only wished to please. We will miss him. Donate to - or adopt a dog from - your local shelter. Spay or neuter your pet.

Love a dog.

Sweet Dreams, Sweet Snickers.

On the ferry to Okracoke Island, Outer Banks

On the beach in Florida

Soaking up the sun in Palm Springs

Watching the Super Bowl in Palm Springs

At the Grand Canyon

On the continental divide

In his favorite camping chair at Lake Havasu

Sleeping in the motorhome

On the Oregon Coast

Sneaking up on the bed in the motorhome

“Sharing” his bed with Kitty

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