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Terry & Dave Taylor

The Sandwich Tour: On the road again

Track Town USA:  The University of Oregon Ducks have a home game tomorrow at Autzen Stadium and another home game next Saturday. Sandwiched between attending both games, DT and I will be touring around a bit in Oregon. Thus the name of this trip: The Sandwich Tour. (Oh, yeah, we will probably eat a few sandwiches too.)

Again, we loaded-up the Honda with everything we will be needing for the next week - including all the required paraphernalia for two tailgate parties - and drove to the RV storage unit, stuffed all the stuff in the bus, and were on the road ONE HOUR from the time we left our house. New World Record. We are getting really good at this RV organizing!

Of course, we were only going another 90 minutes south, to Eugene. We are camped at Premier RV Resorts (I-5, exit 199).

New developments in our motorhome! We have given up the TV satellite dish at the house in favor of cable, and have switched our satellite system in the bus to a "RV package". Tonight was the first time we have been able to receive networks over our satellite system. Very exciting... not to mention we get a feed from the east and west coasts.

New developments in our motorhome! I cannot get my satellite internet system to work. It is not like I am an idiot and this is the first time I have used a satellite internet system. I have been using satellite internet basically since the inception. Possibly I knitted the layette. No matter. My system can find the satellite out there in the heavens, but my modem is not speaking to the satellite. Hopefully it is just a little spat the the kids will have it figured out by tomorrow. Even my usual stables of gurus are stumped though, so it could be a long week for me. The RV park in Eugene has wifi, so I am good for today... but see, I kinda like the internet... not to mention it is ultra-convenient for processing orders of my book. (Did you know I sell a book over the internet?)

This is what a RV park just outside Eugene, Oregon looks on a game-day eve:

Go Ducks
The Magna Peregrinus - so dirty! No worries, a crew is arriving to give her a bath in the morning.

Go Ducks
People are ready for the first home game

Go Ducks
Go Ducks

After settling-in to our campsite, we went to our favorite French place, Marché, with Rob. Rob was DT's assistant during the planning of the Olympic Trials and has since gone on to bigger and better things with the Oregon Track Club.

Marche Eugene
Rob stacked his onion rings on top of his steak for this photo

Marche steak frites
Are you shocked? I had steak frites!

Until my next update, hopefully from a victorious Autzen Stadium, I remain your GO DUCK correspondent.

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