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Terry & Dave Taylor

Dempsey Indoor - Day 1

Seattle, Washington: Dave and I left Taylor Manor just after noon today and we did not arrive in Seattle until nearly 6p. The weather was miserable and there was a terrible accident on south-bound I-5 that tied-up traffic for hours. We sat and sat in traffic, completely disturbed that we saw no traffic coming from the north. ZERO traffic meant there must be something awful ahead and, sadly, it was true.

Later, we learned a sudden storm turned the freeway to a sheet of hail/ice and over 25 vehicles were involved. It was a gruesome thing to see as we passed - smashed cars, remnants of airbags, carnage, and vehicles strewn across 4 lanes of interstate.

Crash scene

After passing the accident site, we drove past 13 miles of south-bound traffic - backed-up and stopped, waiting to pass by the accident.

Our only exit off I-5 was for food. We went to McDonald's. We have not been to McDonald's for years, at least no time during the Bush Administration. Not that things have changed much. Probably won't go back until Jenna is President.

Crispy Chicken Strips - ONLY 380 calories

Finally we arrived in Seattle, found our hotel and headed over to the Dempsey Indoor track on the University of Husky campus. This arena is just a joke. Basically, the U of Dawgs put a track along the outside of the indoor football practice facility (shed) and now call it an "indoor track". The oval measures (I AM NOT KIDDING) 307 meters. It is a nightmare. No one can figure out their laps - forget the guy running around the track with a red flashing light to signal a 400 meter mark or a baton exchange zone. The medley relays were basically a free-for-all. There are no bleachers or spectator seating in the facility; spectators must watch from the INFIELD and are encouraged to BRING THEIR OWN FOLDING CHAIRS.

Dave and I watched the races from the University of Oregon "designated" area (in the infield) and we quite enjoyed the meet/circus. Kids were running races in lanes 1-3 - but watch out because athletes were warming up and practicing their hand-offs in 4-6.

We were having a grand time though as several of Dave's college teammates kids were racing this weekend. Lauren Centrowitz ran the 1200m on the Stanford women's distance medley relay team. They finished in second place, behind a fantastic Baylor squad. Little Matt runs the mile tomorrow. Throw in about six Chapa's in the barn tonight and it was nearly a family reunion.

It's purple and it is indoor... the Husky Indoor Track still sucks big time

Joaquin Chapa

Coach Lananna and Coach Steele

After the meet tonight we met with Geoff and Wendy and a few other Lame Ducks for dinner and later had a drink at our hotel bar with Coach Lananna. A very late bedtime for DT and me.

Tomorrow we have another full day of the One True Sport at the same wonderful indoor track (oh, just you wait!) at Fusky U. Until my next update, I remain, your Green and Yellow Correspondent.

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