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Terry & Dave Taylor

Puerto Penasco/Rocky Point

Puerto Penasco, Sonora, Mexico:  It was just an incredible day. The sun was shining, no wind and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. Such a perfect day - we didn't leave the campground until we drove out in search of food this evening.

Pelicans in Rocky Point/Puerto Penasco
DT walked out to the Rocky Point to snap photos of the pelican - and his friends

It isn't as if we did nothing though. I rode my bike four miles, DT ran three miles and there was quite a bit of cleaning on-going from the terrible wind storm. DT finally did get the car (mostly) cleaned, but it is impossible to politely wash the coach due to the close proximity of our neighbors. The RV park has a crew you can hire to wash your bus for $1.50 per foot... but they are swamped through the week. DT and I cleaned inside, but there is just a never-ending coating of sandy dust. That storm messed-up everything.

Children in Puerto Penasco
Doreena and her sister

The beach was much more enjoyable than clearing sand. Hubby walked all the way down to the point and snapped many fabulous photos of the birds. Today a few different vendors walked down the beach, and I actually did a little shopping (or as DT calls it: stimulating the local economy). The usual vendors also came by and DT is now quite taken with the lovely Doreena (above, left). Doreena is a native Indian girl. Every day Doreena sells DT a bobble-head turtle... or two... or three. Doreena asks one dollar for a turtle. DT never negotiates. He pays hard cash and adds the daily purchases to our growing turtle collection. It is true we would be better off to have just given Doreena $20 last week and let her keep her little toys... but she likes DT as much as he likes her. Doreena does not speak Spanish (neither does DT), yet they get along famously. Doreena, and her little sister (right) loved that DT was snapping their photo, and loved looking at their photo on his digital screen, but the girls would NOT look at him when he raised the camera to his eye - they were SO shy! Doreena hikes all the way down the beach every afternoon, (their mother is with them, selling jewelry) knowing she will have a good sale when she sees DT. Hopefully he will get a snapshot of her adorable smile.

(NOTE: We asked about Daniel, the little boy DT bought turtles from our last visit to Puerto Penasco. The word went out through the vender grapevine that we had inquired and Daniel's Father stopped by in a few days to tell us Daniel is now in school, is a good student and is learning Spanish.)

Bobble-head turtles
DT's collection

Tonight, we had our garlic fish (flounder) at Regina's - a very good local restaurant that is just a little upscale. Of course, a wandering group of minstrels came in and we asked them to sing a tune or two. It was a fun evening, but I am just beat from sitting in the sun too long and can type no longer. (Don't fret - I was wearing a long sleeved shirt, pants, a sun hat AND sunscreen. Doesn't mean a girl can't get too much of that ocean air.)

Dinner at Regina's in Puerto Penasco/Rocky Point
Dinner at Regina's

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