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Terry & Dave Taylor

Viva Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada: Well, once again it happened to be my birthday and Jimmy Buffett happened to be playing in Las Vegas. The planets keep aligning every fall - just for me! Lisa flew in for the event and brought her good friend, Lily, along to experience her first Buffett concert. Lily was a trooper and joined-in all the fun.

We had rooms at the Bellagio. Here is the view from our room on the 7th floor...

...and check-out the fabulous view from the girl's room on the 17th floor!

Cory Bence (and her friends) joined us for lunch at the hotel

Lunch at the hotel. Lisa and Lily toast the weekend with the Bellagio signature drink - a Cable Car.

The steak special at the Bellagio

Lily, Cory, Lisa, Whitney (Cory's roomie) and Shaun (Whitney's friend)

The Bellagio decorates their massive atrium for each season.
Here are my favorite people under a goblin!

Obligatory family photo - aren't we gorgeous?

Lisa and Lily pose for MY WORLD

Pastries on display at Jean Philippe Patisserie in the Bellagio (we only looked!)

We walked up and down the strip Saturday afternoon and then had "nibbles" before heading out for the concert - all the while watching the Ducks beat Washington on TVs in various casinos, restaurants, etc. Shrimp and crab claws, along with sliders (mini burgers) at FIX at the Bellagio.

Our Island Princesses: Lisa & Lily dressed for the concert

PHINS UP!  Time for JIMMY!!!

The girls were just adorable in their finest island attire. The taxi line was miles long, so DT hired a car to drive us in style to the MGM Grand for the evening festivities. Lily was amazed at the costumes and at the average age of the concert-goers (50-something) and it was the first time she had seen a 300-lb man in a grass skirt and coconut shell bra! We had a great time - it was another great show at the MGM Grand Garden Arena with 17,200 of our closest friends. What were the chances we would be seated with the same Portland couple from the concert last fall? (100%!) Fun, fun, fun! Sorry, no photos of the concert... what happens at Jimmy... stays at Jimmy.

After the show, we found another town car and made it back to the Bellagio in record time. We had a snack - starving after dancing for three hours at the concert, ran into our old pal, Balki, and played the tables for just a little bit. We were so tired - but the "children" went to bed before the old folks tonight!

As is our tradition, complying with our family mantra (GIVE JIMMY MORE MONEY), we had lunch at the Margaritaville Cafe at the Flamingo Casino.

Lisa and Lily with tropical smoothies from Margaritaville Cafe

A margarita and Jimmy's new beer: Landshark Lager

Cheesy, I know. Cheeseburger in Paradise. I like mine with lettuce and tomato,
Heinz 57 and French fried potatoes; a big kosher pickle and a cold draft beer...

Lisa and Lily - at the base of the Eiffel Tower (Vegas-style)

Pretty in Pink: before dinner Sunday eve

Everyone is home now and back to work! It was a great weekend. Thanks to Lily for joining us!

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