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Terry & Dave Taylor

2007 RV Rally in Redmond, Oregon | 5 day trip

We spent the night in Eugene at our usual spot - Premier RV Resort. We enjoyed a great meal at a nice tapas bar in the 5th Street Public Market, El Vaquero. (A tapas bar is a Spanish-style restaurant which serves a large selection of appetizers or "small plates".) We had a great table, great service and great food. We only ordered three appetizers, but it was plenty of food: skirt steak tacos, ancho-chocolate dusted duck breast with spicy duck confit and ejotes fandango green beans. (See how your spell-checker likes that!) They also have a great cocktail menu - the cleverly-named "Bourbon Renewal" was very refreshing.

A Bourbon Renewal from El Vaquero in Eugene, Oregon
A "Bourbon Renewal" - a fancy whisky-sour

El Vaquero in Eugene, Oregon
Skirt steak tacos

We have gone over the packet of information we received from THE RALLY. It says we have either an AM or PM arrival time printed on our entrance permit... however ours does not, so we will just show up in Redmond tomorrow morning and see what happens.

Holding tanks emptied, water tanks filled - we are on our way!

PS: It rained all night and my Dad said Redmond had nearly an inch of rain two days ago!

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