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Terry & Dave Taylor

On the road again!

Eugene, Oregon - Hello from BLEUgene, Oregon, our old Home Town. May as well be our present home town as we spend so much time here! Not a very exciting day: packing up final things into the RV (in the rain), hitching up the Honda (in the rain) and driving down I-5 for the millionth time (in the rain) only to arrive in Eugene and unhitch the Honda (in the rain) and finally snuggle down into our warm digs with the furnace blasting.

Two weeks ago it was 97 degrees - what the hell happened?

We do have some exciting news of the two-wheeled sort: DT went downtown last week and bought a contraption (called a bike rack) to hold my fabulous Townie on the back of our Honda CRV. My Townie is just the best bike EVER, but it is a "girl" and so lack a crossbar, making it difficult to carry on a bike rack. Previously, we tried a special bike rack that fit between the RV and the car, but that resulted an emergency pull-over on a freeway somewhere in up-state New York... long, sad story. Dave found a second solution with a little research and a lot of wallet. It is quite a slick system - a Thule 917 - and will hold two bikes securely, yet will also flip-down if we need to get something out of the rear of the Honda. When the bikes are off the rack, the unit folds-up flat against the back of the car. (At this point it does resemble a wheelchair lift. This is a good thing for possible parking in handicapped spaces, which we will have to do soon if DT doesn't get his Achilles fixed.) Did I mention we had to remove the spare tire to engineer this apparatus? This proved to no problem because for some reason there is a well in the back of the CRV to hold the spare tire... so why do they put it on the back of the car? Maybe the space under the floor of the cargo area is for a spare spare tire? (A smallish person could easily be smuggled over a certain border, hidden in this area, if this information is of any use to any of My Readers.) After all this - it is way too rainy for bike riding.

We are staying in tonight. Dave has to be at work early tomorrow at his "internship" with the University for the 2008 Olympic Trials. Tomorrow afternoon, the best track meet of the year will begin at Hayward Field. The Prefontaine Classic will be televised LIVE on ESPN2 tomorrow at 2 pm pacific.

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