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Terry & Dave Taylor

A-10 Men's Basketball Tournament

Cincinnati, Ohio: A travel day. We dropped the last remaining pet (Lisa's 18 year-old cat, Madonna) off to the kennel and headed out to PDX in our rental car. Why, you may ask, do we have a rental car? The real question is, "Why do you and LISA have rental cars?" Within the past few weeks Lisa and DT have each been in auto accidents! Luckily, they are both fine... but their cars are toast.

A few weeks ago, in Los Angeles, Lisa was stopped at a red light and was smashed by a car spinning out of control while running a red light. Both her air bags exploded. Her brand-new hybrid Honda is totaled. Lisa broke a nail. (Reese was not with her at the time, she was on her way home from work.) Last week, while in Eugene for Olympic Trials business, DT's Tahoe was the salami in a three-car sandwich. Again, no one was hurt, but all three cars were smashed-up by the third car (claimed brake failure).

(No need to mention Lisa breaking the tire off her FIRST rental car as she swerved into a curb avoiding ANOTHER accident on her way to work Friday???)

So, we board the jet - flying first class on frequent-charger miles. Sounds glamorous, but my feet didn't reach the floor and there was no footrest so I was miserable. DT's pen exploded all over his crossword and black ink came spurting onto his fingers. He managed to catch it before it ruined his slacks. Just as we had that disaster under control, the plane hit the Mother of All Air Pockets and our coffee went flying. Our flight attendant was not in good humor and the movie was Chicken Little.

We landed in Cincinnati and waited twenty minutes at the baggage carousel bearing our flight number, only to learn our bags were at the carousel marked "Flight from Chicago". Portland, Chicago, whatever. After a quick taxi ride to our downtown hotel, we went across the street to the fabulous Jean Ro - a Cincinnati French Bistro. Last year we had a perfect meal at Jean Ro and they did not disappoint us tonight. Funny thing - they served Oregon A to Z Pinot Gris (the best Oregon twist top).

Back at the Westin bar, the GW faithful gathered again. Old friends greeted us and still can't believe we travel so far... that our kid graduated 3 years ago... well, basically, they all assume we are crazy, rich or bored. (Truth be told, I am crazy for GW, and DT comes along.) Everyone is excited to play Temple tomorrow - Temple smashed Rhode Island this afternoon - (but since the Temple coaching staff were at the next table, I don't think there was much hostility).

Only two people asked if I brought my famous GW sweater.

Since we had most of our evening meals - chicken fingers - at the Westin bar last year (everything else is closed after 11 pm and we were always at the stadium during regular meal hours), we recognized most of the wait staff too. The big news is that the bar is closing next week, and McCormick & Schmick is coming into the space and into Cincinnati for the first time. (We did have to explain to The Faithful that McCormick & Schmick is not a Long Island chain restaurant!) Most of the employees are losing their jobs during the demolition/reconstruction... but seriously, the A-10 Tourney is in Atlantic City next year... The discussions tonight were about a few players, GW academics, and talking "around" whether Pops would play in the tourney. No one was talkin', so I assume it is a NO.

It's gonna be a fun few days. Even if we are in Cincinnati.

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