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Terry & Dave Taylor

Flying to Washington, DC

Washington, DC - A car arrived at our house at 4a to take us to the airport! EARLY! We had a nice, uneventful flight to Dallas-Ft. Worth (Okay, no nasty comments about our route - we were flying on frequent flyer miles, first-class and FREE OF CHARGE!) The flight from DFW to DCA was more interesting. We were waiting at the gate and just before boarding, they made us clear the area. Uniformed National Guard soldiers come in (M16's in hand) and searched through the waiting area. We were let back into the lounge area after showing boarding passes and photo ID. We had to show photo ID AGAIN to board the plane and our bags were randomly searched. Thirty minutes before landing into Reagan National, no one is allowed to leave their seat. There was a U.S. Marshall on the flight, but of course we had no idea who s/he was, or where they were seated. 
We arrived into Washington, nearly exactly along the usual flight pattern, with nice views of Lisa's apartment building, (Columbia Plaza, which she calls "Columbia Projects) The Watergate Complex, the Kennedy Center and then a view east along the Mall to the Capitol Building. The Pentagon has two huge cranes towering over the reconstruction. It was a beautiful, sunny and clear afternoon in Our Nations Capital.
Lisa met us at our hotel - we have a nice suite at The Watergate with a view over the Potomac River. We waited for our bags, complimentary fruit delivery, etc., and visited with Lisa, whom we had not seen for TEN DAYS!  Paula (of our latest cruise fame) met us in the lobby for a drink and then the four of us went to Georgetown for a nice Italian dinner.
We had to wait about 45 minutes for a table - we just walked-in with no reservations to a very popular restaurant - so we caught-up with the girls in the lounge/waiting area. Filomena Ristorante was a hoppin' place! They have a display "room" in a front window with two women, the "Pasta Mamas", turning out hundreds of ravioli, gnocchi, etc. I had spinach ravioli - wonderful, plump pillows. Delicious.
That is all for my report tonight - we are going to bed and the girls are going to a Sorority/Fraternity "mixer" with fraternities from the University of Maryland. I guess they are bored with the GW boys.

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