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Terry & Dave Taylor

A-10 Tournament

A visit with Lisa in DC then to Philadelphia for the tourney
2-11 March 2001

We had a bad start to our day, but arrived in Washington, D.C. ten minutes ahead of schedule, in a fine mood. Our Town Car service failed to show-up to give us a ride to the airport! They didn't even phone to say they would be late - nothing. We waited 20 minutes and tried phoning several times, but for some reason at 4:30 in the morning, they were not answering. Finally, we threw our bags in the Volvo and made a mad dash to the airport. Luckily, it was early in the morning, and there was no traffic.

We made our flight, with moments to spare and flew - through Cincinnati which is really in Kentucky - into Washington National Airport. Both our flights were on time, bumpy and jam-packed. We were at Lisa's door before 5:00 p.m. We were very excited to see her again and she looked fabulous to our eyes.

Lisa's home in Washington

Lisa and I made dinner together. At her request, I had made Challah and soup - and hand carried the meal from Portland. (I was one of those people you stare at on planes thinking: "Don't people know how to check-in bags?")  The soup was potato-mushroom, in a lovely homemade vegetable stock and frozen for the journey. Lisa roasted a chicken and made a spinach salad with a honey-mustard dressing. We were joined by her Big Sister, Lauren and dined at a beautiful table (nice placemats, Mary!). It was a lovely meal. But it was quick - because tonight was the big Pan Hellenic Spring Fashion Show at the Marvin Center on campus!

Nike fashions on college co-eds

The fashion show, produced annually by the sororities at The George Washington University, was a charity event to raise money for the Y-ME organization, which offers support by pairing breast cancer survivors with women recently diagnosed with the disease. The show started with athletic apparel donated by NIKE... hmmm... wonder how that happened???... and another company called Everlast, continued to casual clothing, business attire and ended with evening gowns.  Men and women modeled - all students from GW. The event was sold-out and a check for $3,500 was presented to the charity at the end of the show! 

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