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Indio, California
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Terry & Dave Taylor

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of RV do you own?
We have a 2009 Country Coach Magna motorhome. It has a 650hp Cummins diesel engine. Our first RV was a pop-top VW, then a 19-foot Terry Travel Trailer. When DT retired we bought our first motorhome - a 1999 Holiday Rambler Endeavor. Four years later, we bought a 2004 Country Coach Intrigue. We put over 50,000 miles on the Intrigue and traded her in for the Magna in November 2008.

Which RV clubs do you belong to?

We are currently members of Good Sam.

Why doesn't your dog travel with you anymore?

Our Old Beagle, Snickers the Wonder Dog, passed away 21 February 2006. He was fifteen years old. He never took to the RV lifestyle and he was quite deaf and blind the last three or four years of his life. Snickers also had a very difficult time exiting the motorhome (he could get in; he just couldn't get out). Snickers had been to every state except Hawaii, Alaska and Missouri. We miss him very much. Thank you for asking.

What type of digital camera to you use?

I use two - all Sony. Landscape shots are usually taken with the A700 (digital SLR). I keep a little pocket-sized Sony Cybershot DSC-HX90V in my purse... plus my iPhone camera is used probably too often.

Why don't you ever drive?

I am sight impaired. I'm not wearing sunglasses in all those photos because I'm a movie star - they are prescription. Trust me, the highways are safer with me in the passenger seat.

You travel quite a bit - what is your favorite place?

So many people have asked us this question - and there are so many answers! Many of our friends have vacation homes... but I like our vacation home best because it can be a mountain chalet, a beach house, a lake cabin or a desert bungalow! America (Canada & Mexico) is so vast and so different - so we (usually) find something to love about every destination. Now that we have grandchildren in Los Angeles, we will be spending more and more time at our campsite at the Motorcoach Country Club in Indio. Still, after we return home from a trip, realize again the beauty of Oregon and look out into our little teeny forest, we think home is the best place.

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