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Terry & Dave Taylor

Sunday in the City

Los Angeles, California:  Rain fell most of the night, but we woke to a bit of sun trying to break through the clouds. Leo went to Hebrew school. Lisa and I went to the Farmers Market... where I took too many photos but did not purchase a thing. I am not cooking next week.

farmers market

Honestly, Dear Reader, walking through a market filled with gorgeous organic produce is torture if I am not going to cook. A dozen virtual menus swirled around in my head. None will probably ever be produced. Nor consumed. Insert sad face here.



After we fetched Leo from school, Lisa took us to the very popular Kismet restaurant. Kismet serve Middle Eastern-slash-Turkish foods on small plates meant to be shared. (They also made a wonderful buttery cinnamon toast with sliced brioche for Lucy... not on the regular menu... just ask.)

Radicchio with beets at Kizmet in Los Angeles
Potato and Leek tart from Kismet in Los Angeles

We ordered grilled radicchio with beets and sunflower seed tahini (top photo), a potato and leek tart (lower photo), and the famed flaky bread with labneh (yoghurt with whey removed) and tomato. Leo ordered a slice of their raspberry "breakfast cake".

After our meal, the kids needed to burn off a little energy, so we piled the bikes and scooters in the car and headed out to a local park. No matter how black the sky was trying to become.


Leo continues to improve his bike riding (and braking) skills - fortifying his two-wheel confidence.


Lucy still isn't too interested in her scooter, but wants to wear her helmet because Leo wears a helmet.


She is still the cutest little scooter I've ever seen. Not that I'm prejudiced or anything.

The skies opened and we raced back to the car. Sunday afternoon was spent indoors (with the furnace running and thunder shaking the house) watching a movie. We enjoyed a quiet family dinner at our favorite local Italian place and went to bed.

Until my next update, I remain, your Bubbe-licious correspondent.


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