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Indio, California
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Terry & Dave Taylor

Borrego Springs

Indio, California:  Marcia and Red left us today, but they were headed to the beach, and one route to the beach from Palm Springs involves Borrego Springs. They had not yet visited this lovely desert spot, so we basically forced them to take suggested a drive through Anza-Borrego State Park would be a great idea. We took two cars.

Borrego Springs

Y'all know how crazy Dave and I are about Borrego Springs. The desert. The art. The people. The mountains. The golf. The citrus. The Big Horn Sheep. The little restaurants. The "whole-lotta-something-in-the-middle-of-nothing" that makes Borrego Springs so unique.

We drove around the outskirts of Borrego Springs to show our friends the highlights of the nearly 130 metal sculptures installed in the desert by artist Ricardo Breceda.

Marcia and Red

How many places in the world can you take a photograph of yourself under a massive snake/serpent/dragon-like-monster in the middle of the desert?

 Borrego Springs

How many places in the world can you take a photograph of yourself, your college (1970s) roommate and your wives under a massive snake/serpent/dragon-like-monster in the middle of the desert?



Red and Marcia
Red and Marcia, with my boyfriend

I can't believe how Marcia is making herself all cozy with my favorite vineyard worker! (No matter how long I am away, this guy is always waiting for me as I jog by on the road. Probably because his feet are planted into a cement block?)

Borrego Springs
Borrego Springs
Another "monster" in Borrego Springs

With all the rain the desert has received over the past few months, Borrego Springs was greener than green. Lush grasses cover the desert floor. Fresh rain-flooded trenches have been carved down the sides of the mountains. The ocotillo were completely blanketed in green leaves. It was a new experience for us. Beautiful.


After a lovely lunch at Casa de la Zorro (House of the Coyote), we separated. Red and Marcia drove to the beach, and we returned to our sadly empty and quiet casita in Indio. What a wonderful week we have enjoyed with our friends.

Dave has his pre-op appointments tomorrow. Think good thoughts.

Until my next update, I remain, your Borrego correspondent.

RV PARK:  The Motorcoach Country Club


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