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Indio, California
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Terry & Dave Taylor

Thanksgiving in December

Indio, California:  After remaining in Portland a few more days so DT could see his knee doctor one last time (we hope), we flew down to Los Angeles Thursday to see the kids and fetch our car from their driveway.

We scored 2000 bonus airline miles because catering forgot to include the salad dressing for the onboard lunch. Really? I'll take the free miles, but life can continue without salad dressing. It wasn't like we were dining at The French Laundry. We were on a less-than-two-hour shuttle flight. But, dang, if the "we're so sorry" miles weren't put into our account a few hours later. If only their catering department were as efficient as their mileage plan staff?

Instead of driving straight back to our motorhome from Los Angeles Friday morning, we made a pit stop to downtown Palm Springs for smoked chicken enchiladas at Blue Coyote.

Blue Coyote

Since adding smoked chicken enchiladas to their menu a few years ago, I can hardly stand to drive-by without going in for lunch. We also wanted to make a stop at the Whole Foods in Palm Desert, so I could find a turkey breast to roast.

Motorcoach Country Club Indio

It wasn't very sunny in Indio, but the temperatures were 45 degrees warmer than Portland. Everything was fine at our campsite after our 11-day absence. There was an inch of sandy dust covering everything outside, but that was expected and quickly swished away. We were back in business.

Green Heron

Our posse are all away, and we will have a quiet few weeks until they return, so the gorgeous Green Herons keep us entertained with their patient fishing skills.

Motorcoach Country Club Indio

And we have a beautiful sunset every single night.



You may (or may not) be curious as to why I would purchase a turkey breast the week after Thanksgiving? My answer: leftovers. More specifically a turkey sandwich. Lisa's family are vegetarian, so there was no bird gracing their table. The turkey was not missed, due to the over-flow of other traditional Thanksgiving dishes and Lisa's extraordinary cooking skills. But the turkey sandwich the next day was truly missed. By me... even though, I was vegetarian for over 12 years... and never ever forget Vegan Month.)

green beans

So... I made a mini-Thanksgiving for two. Turkey breast roasted with sage, rosemary and garlic. Traditional dressing. Gravy. Green beans with fried onions. Cranberry sauce. Everything was organic and everything was produced from scratch, except the cranberry sauce.


It was simple, but the meal created a lot of dishes to wash. Worth it for next-day leftover and the much-anticipated sandwich.

Until my next update, I remain, your Indio correspondent.

RV PARK:  The Motorcoach Country Club


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