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Terry & Dave Taylor

Sweet Day in El Lay

Los Angeles, California: Dave and I have a self-imposed three-night maximum in Las Vegas. Three nights are all our lungs, wallets and livers can handle.

MGM Grand Stay Well
MGM Grand Stay-Well King Room

We stayed in a Stay Well room at the MGM Grand Hotel. The Stay Well rooms feature fancy air purification systems, luxurious mattresses, aroma therapy, soothing lighting and a shower with Vitamin-C-infused water (why?). I chose this room only because I found a $79 deal (+ + +) months ago. The room was super comfortable, we had a nice view, the "free" wifi was lightning fast, but the second we left the sanctuary of the Stay Well room on the Stay Well floor, we were still in a smoke-filled casino, so our clothes simply reeked of cigarette smoke. Blech.

I hated hugging my grandchildren with that scent on my clothes. (Especially when Leo is so very anti-smoking, proclaiming if anyone smokes even ONE cigarette they will DIE. No idea where he gets his information.)

But hug we did, flying the 50-minute shuttle from Las Vegas to Burbank Monday afternoon. Lisa and Lenny fed us dinner and we helped with the bedtime bath and reading routine. There is a new segment to the bedtime ritual - Leo now has homework! Mostly worksheets.

This morning, after the kids were deposited to their preschool (Lucy) and kindergarten (Leo), Lisa and Lenny packed their suitcases and sped-away for a several-night get-away. Bubba and Bubbe are in charge!



Since we didn't have to fetch the grandchildren from school until early afternoon, Dave and I went to Homestate for a late breakfast/early lunch. Dave had yet to try this wonderful cafe, only open 8a-3p, serving Tex-Mex breakfast specialties. We talked with the owner for quite a while and sampled a few of her very popular dishes - beef brisket migas, an egg white, mushroom & cheese breakfast taco, and their famous queso dip.

Homestate in Los Angeles
Lonestar Migas from HomeState

We did not begin to finish our food, but can attest to it's perfection.

I fetched Lucy from her preschool. While Lucy (and Bubbe) napped, Dave picked Leo up from kindergarten and took him for an ice cream. How sweet. You know our chocolate-lover chose dark chocolate ice cream. I think there is a good chance this dark chocolate afficianado is my grandson.


Later: Children fed. Homework finished. Bathed. Teeth brushed. Books read. Rocked. Lullabied. Sleeping.

Day One is in the books!

Until my next update, I remain, your happy correspondent.


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