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Indio, California
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Terry & Dave Taylor

Weekend Delivery

Indio, California:  Our days are spent quietly. Dave usually has an 11a doctor appointment, then we go to lunch and then we don't do much the rest of the day. I have been walking/jogging a lot of miles, and the doctor finally said Dave could try riding his bike. Pinched nerve! Dave can ride his bike without pain, but he can't walk from the car to the doctor office without pain. Walking and standing are difficult and painful. But he really does feel the treatments are working and thinks he feels a little better each day.

Since we couldn't come to them, the kids came to us this weekend! What a joy to see them. Leo and Lucy's little faces certainly brightened the mood of My Driver!

The weekend did not start well, as the usual 2-hour drive between Los Angeles and Indio took FIVE! Four very hungry and cranky people arrived to our campsite at 8:15p! (They usually eat at 6p.) Bubbe to the rescue with a vegetarian pasta dinner ready (and martinis for the parents) and waiting.

There was some sort of Children's Fair in Old Town La Quinta this weekend. (Dave saw a flyer in at a doctor office or we would have never heard about the event.) The flyer promised a petting zoo, bouncy castles and pony rides. Pony rides? Our grandchildren are IN!

Lucy JoyLucy Joy
Lucy Joy
Leo rode Sunny; Lucy rode Smokey

Below is the only photo of DT all weekend. He spent his time at the fair perched on benches or bales of hay. Poor Bubba.

Dave, Lisa, Leo, Lucy and Lenny at the petting zoo.
(The animal is a small cow with a hump on the shoulder, native to India.)



The fair included a stage area on the lawn. A dance team and a ballet school were performing on the grass. The kids were rapt watching the girls do hip-hop routines and then a short ballet performance from Swan Lake. Don't forget Lucy is taking ballet lessons.

kidsballet dancer

Of course, there is always time for ice cream!


The rest of our time was spent at the pool or cruising around the resort on the golf cart.

The kids have gone home, but they left us with one of our grandchildren. Reese! Our Grand Dawg loves staying with us. He gets a lot of walks and a lot of head scratches. Reese is nearly 14 and doesn't get around very well these days (walks a bit like Dave, actually). He can't see well (like me, actually) and can't hear well either. I think he relishes a few days of quiet-time from a house filled with happy, noisy, busy children?

Plus, maybe I slip a little sautéed ground turkey into his kibble.

Until my next update, I remain, your happy correspondent.

RV PARK:  The Motorcoach Country Club


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