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Indio, California
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Terry & Dave Taylor

Busy Weekend

Indio, California:  Happy May Day!

We have been going full-throttle since Dave landed at Palm Springs International Airport Friday morning. On the way home from the airport we met college friends (in town on vacation) for lunch at Sherman's Deli in Palm Desert. It was great seeing Paula and Kraig again and we are so sad we only snapped photos of our lunch instead of with each other. (And Kraig is a professional photographer!)

Shermans Deli

Kid you not, I ordered "chicken salad on avocado" and this is what I received. Who can eat this much food? Not me.

We are preparing to leave our little piece of paradise in a few days. Weather... and by weather, I mean wind... will determine our departure date and time.

Saturday was spent organizing, packing, remembering what belongs where and resulted in a trip to Goodwill (donation drop-off, not shopping). Then we spent a great evening at the restaurant in our resort - Top of the Falls.

Motorcoach Country Club
Top of the Falls Restaurant - with our maitre d', Art (standing)

It was the last night the restaurant would be open for the season. Though it seems most everyone has gone home for the summer, the restaurant was pretty full, the bar was packed and all drinks/bottles of wine were half-price.

Motorcoach Country Club

Passover concluded, DT and I enjoyed burgers. Sad goodbyes all around. The restaurant will open again November 1st.



My Dad and his wife, Mary, came for lunch today. I made a big batch of hummus, a Greek Salad and baked a little blueberry tart. For once, I did not take a photo of the food, but snapped photos of my family!

Dad and Mary
My Dad and Mary

Me, Dad and Mary
Me (his eldest and favorite child), Dad and Mary

But our weekend was not over. Oh no. Sally and Alf invited us to a Japanese restaurant, Shogun, for dinner. Shogan is a teppanyaki place, with a busy sushi bar. We sat at a teppanyaki table and watched our chef, Harry, put on a show for us.

Onion soup
Onion Soup

Shogan Teppanyaki
Flaming onion tower - complete with disco lighting

Again, a ridiculous amount of food. Sally and I ordered the spicy chicken "senior special" because it promised smaller portions. Only $16.45, our meals included clear onion soup (or organic miso soup), salad with ginger dressing, grilled shrimp appetizer (I did not eat), hibachi mixed vegetables, two dipping sauces and a bowl of steamed rice. The spicy chicken was an huge chicken breast, cooked on the teppanyaki grill and coated with sweet-spicy sauce. Neither of us could finish our meals and cannot imagine how large the non-senior portion would have been.

We also tried a few appetizers - sushi, shishito peppers - and everything was so fresh and delicious and Harry was a hoot. Really a good time.

In preparation for our departure, our bus will be washed and waxed in the morning, and Maricella's crew will be inside our motorhome steam-cleaning the tile and carpets, treating the leather, oiling the woodwork and cleaning the whole place from top to bottom. We have this done the week we arrive and the week we leave each year. It is like a spa treatment for our motorhome, and feel this maintenance schedule contributes to our bus still looking good after eight years on the road.

Until my next update, I remain, your "how is it already May?" correspondent.

RV PARK:  The Motorcoach Country Club


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