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Terry & Dave Taylor

St. Patrick's Day

Portland, Oregon:  The IAAF World Indoor Track & Field Championships began this evening, with a never-tried-before pole vault-only evening. Dave was down at the Oregon Convention Center all day for the activities, but I remained home with the kids.

Leo and LucyLeo and Lucy

We played and did some tax-free shopping and then went to our favorite local chain - Cafe Yumm! - for lunch.

Cafe Yumm!

I order the same thing every time: Medium Hot and Jazzy with tofu - a bowl loaded with rice, black beans, olives, avocado, cheese, tomato, Yumm! sauce, cilantro and dried tofu cubes on top. So delicious. Yumm! sauce is difficult to describe... like a creamy Chinese-Mexican salad dressing... yet vegan.

When we are away from Portland, I miss Cafe Yumm!. When we are away from Indio, I miss Tacos Gonzalez.

Kevin, Mike and their daughter, Rina, flew into Portland International this afternoon and joined us for a long weekend of track and field. Every bed in our house is full this evening! I made a huge pot of Beer Cheese Potato Soup and an Irish Soda Cake to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. Lucy's godmother and Lisa's godmother arrived and we sat around the kitchen table enjoying fine conversation and pretty-dang-good-if-I-say-so-myownself soup.


Leo really liked Bubbe's Irish Soda Cake!

Actually, the food was so popular, I had to remind everyone to save a bowl for DT. The reminder was in time for the soup, but My Driver did not get to taste the soda bread.



After the kids were in bed, we watched the pole vault competition via my laptop. American Jen Suhr won the world title and My Favorite Frenchman, Renaud Levillenie took gold back to Paris.

Dave arrived home around 11p and happily enjoyed his warmed-up soup. Happy St. Patrick's Day.

Until my next update, I remain, your soupy correspondent.


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