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Terry & Dave Taylor

Down the Road

Canyonville, OR:  We didn't get very far today, did we? It's okay - we are right on schedule, which is carefully arranged around DT's call-in conference calls.

The white heron/crane was in the field outside our window again this morning, but the bird had been joined over-night with a flock of noisy Canada Geese.


The two species paid no attention to each other.

Hitching the Jeep and going through the new-to-me towing procedure went very well again today. Maybe I will get the hang of the step-by-step directions before it is time to trade it in for a new model in seven years? I've decided to print a cheat-sheet... and, oh, did I mention, there is a similar (reverse) procedure to put the transmission back to a drivable situation? Oh, Honda... I miss you so.

We had a very easy, beautiful and pleasant drive 100 miles south along I-5. Clear skies and hillsides filled with colorful trees.

After checking-in to our campsite at 7 Feathers RV Resort, I took my camera for a walk and snapped a few photos of this beautiful park.

Seven Feathers RV Resort
Typical campsite - with our beautiful motorhome

Fall leaves Fall leaves
Pretty Autumn Leaves

Seven Feathers RV Resort
Indoor heated pool and spa! It is like a sauna in here.

Klamath Creek at 7 Feathers RV Resort
Klamath Creek meanders through the resort

Seven Feathers RV Resort
Seven Feathers RV Resort



While Dave had his phone meetings, I kicked-back with a needlepoint canvas. Always fun to start a new project. While I was stitching, a little wren sat outside the window and sang to me for the longest while.


I think the bird was welcoming us back to life on the road?

Dinner tonight (Thursday is Soup Night) was prepared last week and frozen. I sauteed half an onion with a handful of chopped sage, tossed-in a few cloves of garlic (of course!), a package of already-peeled-and-chopped butternut squash (because I can sometimes be very lazy) and boiled the whole mess in veggie stock. After the squash was completely soft, the mixture was whirled in a blender until smooth, then frozen. Tonight I completely ruined the healthy status of the soup by thickening it with cream. Just a little.

Butternut soup

Tomorrow, we continue south.

Until my next update, I remain, your transitional correspondent.

RV PARK:  7 Feathers RV Resort - We have a long pull-through (full-service 50-amp) site and since mentioning a billboard we passed on I-5 today advertising $19 campsites Monday-Thursday, we are paying $19. Awesome! This is one of the nicest campgrounds in America.


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