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Indio, California
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Terry & Dave Taylor

Elvis Has Left the Building

Goodbye to our beautiful view

Bakersfield, California:  Everything continued according to plan and we departed Indio only a few minutes after our 9:30a goal. Too many long goodbyes with our friends and neighbors. Too many construction trucks hogging the resort roads.

We hitched up and drove. Not a lot of excitement. Actually, no excitement (save for the dishwasher flying open on a corner - no damage) at all. No excitement at all is a good thing when driving a motorhome. The departure time was planned to coincide with a convenient rest stop at a time Dave had a telephone conference call. The call took quite a bit more time they he expected, so I had a good rest while DT convened. (Why did I need rest? I will never understand how sitting in a chair all day is so exhausting.)

Without further ado, here is our unexciting day in photos:

Most people winterize; we "summerize".

Slide rooms in; Rocky given one final hug

Magna Peregrinus
Yes, we may have one of the best views in the resort,
but we also have one of the rare non-angled driveways in the resort.
No worries, My Driver backs that 45-foot-long bus out of the driveway like it is a VW bug.

Magna Peregrinus
She looks massive when out on the road!

I followed in the Honda, we hitched-up, did a safety check and hit the highway.



We arrived to our reserved campsite around 4p.

Bakersfield RV Resort
Our over-night situation

Even though the Bakersfield RV Resort has an on-site restaurant that we enjoy, tonight I served our traditional "first night on the road" lasagna. 80 degrees is definitely NOT lasagna-baking weather, but tradition is tradition, dang it.


Lasagna. It's what's for dinner.


While the hot lasagna rested, we enjoyed a salad of green pepper, avocado, tomato (the last one from our garden), Kalamata olives - dressed with only (Oregon) olive oil, (Oregon) sea salt and freshly-cracked black pepper.


A great start to our great adventure north. Tomorrow we will visit a new destination (for us). Come along!

Until my next update, I remain, your melancholy correspondent.

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RV PARK: Bakersfield RV Resort - We have a very long pull-through (no need to unhitch the Honda) with full hook-ups, 50 amp. They have cable and free wifi. Pet-friendly. Paved streets, gravel sites, pool, hot tub, fitness center. On site restaurant and bar (with a sports bar vibe). Friendly staff, store, quiet. We paid $39.60 with our Good Sam discount.


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