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Terry & Dave Taylor

Tourists in Kowloon

Hong Kong:  As you can well imagine, we slept until after 9 o'clock this morning. When we woke it was pouring rain and the skies were black. Luckily much of Kowloon can be reached via underground subway tunnels or via covered shopping malls and subterranean walkways. We walked and walked and walked and walked.

First stop was food. Naturally we wanted Chinese food, but everything contained shellfish nothing looked good, so we just keep window-shopping until we came around a corner and found an Italian restaurant.

AlMolo - Hong KongAlMolo - Hong Kong
Pinot Grigio! My first since Lucy's birthday party weeks ago.

And speaking of Lucy... though we never did find a hand-smocked and/or embroidered dress for the little darling in Manila, Catimini was having a huge sale. Score! The Catimini shop is on the basement floor of the Harbour City shopping mall. The entire basement floor is devoted to children. And by children, I mean Baby Dior, Baby Versace, Armani Junior, Fendi Kids, Gucci Kids... well, you get the idea. Holding up the end of this floor is one of the largest Toys R Us in the world.

So, we left the high-priced side of Hong Kong, returned Lucy's new dress to our hotel room and walked the now-not-raining-but-80%-humid streets.

Hong Kong shopping

There ya go! This is the Hong Kong of old. Shops filled with stuff. Junk. Gifts. It is still fun to look around in these shops.

Hong Kong shoppingHong Kong Shopping
Kirkland brand nuts for sale along an alley and duck tongue anyone?

Just as we approached the harbor, we saw this boat sailing by. Wow, how much would Leo love a ride on this (touristy) pirate-esque junk ship?

Chinese Junk

Of course, we posed for touristy shots of ourselves.

DT in HK
DT in HK

TT in HK



After a rest in the hotel (me) and a jog in the hotel fitness center (DT), we dressed for dinner and had a cocktail in the beautiful hotel bar, before walking a few blocks to a place Dave remembered from his working days - Jimmy's Kitchen, a pubby-type Western restaurant favored by expats. After our pizza lunch, we ordered only salads for dinner and called it an early night.

Jimmy's Kitchen in Hong Kong
Dave, posing for his old co-workers
(my camera keeps steaming up!)

Hong Kong
Hong Kong, by night

After all those days traipsing around Beijing, I walked well over 16,000 steps (more than seven miles) today in Hong Kong - the most of any day of this trip.

Until my next update, I remain, your "ready for a pedicure" correspondent.


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