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Terry & Dave Taylor

A Few Days in LA

Indio, California: Early Thursday morning we had a new fancy satellite television system installed on our bus. Not sure, exactly, why we went to this expense as besides a few shows on Showtime, PBS and college ball, our television isn't watched very often... except for evening news.

RV cables and wires

It is kinda scary to think about all the wires and cables hidden behind RV cabinets. Ironically, one of the very first satellite systems Cal Thorn (of Advanced Satellite) installed was on our first Country Coach Intrigue about 500 years ago. Before Country Coach folded, Cal installed his very last TV system for Country Coach in the Magna Peregrinus. Six-plus years ago. Things have changed. Technology has advanced. Our controller was giving us fits and Cal decided we needed a new system.

After we were updated, Dave and I drove over to Los Angeles to see our gorgeous grandchildren (and their parents) and celebrate Hanukkah.


This is Lucy's first Hanukkah. She won't remember lighting candles and she won't remember the baby doll we gave her, but we will remember spending this special day with her.

And her brother.


Dave's Mom sent Leo Grizzly Bears (from Yellowstone National Park!) for Hanukkah. Along with a random squirrel, the bears guarded over Leo during his bath Thursday night.

Another reason for our visit was to see Leo's preschool holiday program Friday morning. Leo's class was performing "Jingle Bell Rock" this year.

Lucy was super-excited for the show (OMG - those eyelashes!)

Leo was rockin'

Lisa & Lenny


After the show we had pizza at Tomato Pie and spent the afternoon playing with Leo and Lucy.

Tomato Pie Silverlake

This evening, Lenny put Lucy in a one-piece outfit that belonged to Lisa in 1981-82 in Manila, The Philippines.

Strawberry Suit

Why we kept this one particular piece for clothing for 30+ years is a mystery, but it gave us so much joy to see Lucy wearing something her Mother wore so many years ago. The white cotton fabric is decorated with tiny strawberries. It has a hood. Why any baby would need a hood in constant 90-degree Manila is a mystery, but for some reason we kept this one-piece outfit in Lisa's treasure box.

Happy Hanukkah and Shabbat Shalom!

Until my next update, I remain, your reminiscent correspondent.

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